Thursday, 16 March 2017

Wireless Remote Control

Since I was so fascinating about turning on the light using a remote without actually getting of the chair or bed, I found these on the online sales market LAZADA. 

When I bought it, the description on the net said 2 way On-OFF digital intelligent wireless remote control switch, but there are there buttons to control......

Well if you wired it up it and switch it to on, A output will be live, cycle the switch again, A and B will be live, cycle the switch again, A and B and C will be live. The remote works as indicate, switch on individual lights or all at once switch. 

It cost RM16.90 each. I bought two, one as a backup. Still no idea to install on which area yet.

Description taken from LAZADA page.Features:
1. 2 ways ON-OFF Digital Intelligent Wireless Remote Control Switch.2. Suitable for droplight, crystal lamp, modern low-pressure lamp, absorb dome light, day flower lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, exhaust fan, etc.3. It can be used in household, stairs, corridor, washroom, toilet, workshop, warehouse, garage, factory lighting, etc.4. Fast and easy to install, not obstructed by walls, capable of connecting any loads.5. Remote controller and switch can be used simultaneously for ease and flexibility.6. Stable signal receiving, only 6 wires to hook up.7. 1 x 12V 23A battery (not included) is needed for the remote control switch.

Specifications:1. Input: AC200V-240V 50Hz/60Hz2. Launch battery: 12V 23A (not included)3. Load Power:Resistive load: maximum output power of single set is within 1000W(such as common incandescent light bulb, the light bulb);Inductive load: maximum output power of single set is within 360W(like light with ballast: energy saving light, bracket lamp, absorb dome light)4. Remote control distance: about 8-15meters indoor, over 20m outdoor.5. Color: White
6. Package size: 170x120x30mm
Package include1 x 2 Ways Switcher Splitter1x Remote ControlNote: Battery is not included.

Package inside the bag
The wiring diagram is simple and it's written on the control box.

The remote control does not come with the battery. A23 battery cost me RM7 in hardware shop
A short video show how it works:

Well some of the classroom I been to using this kind of wireless remote switch:
This will install at the wall switch

Link to LAZADA

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Langkawi 2 (2016)

Well, it's has been five years since my last visit to Langkawi (LGK) in 2011. There are many things that happening in November, one lead to another and I end up in LGK as this is not a planned trip nor a forecasted trip.

I bought my last minute tickets flight from AirAsia Malaysia thru the web two days before the flight and I manage to get quite reasonable price tickets. AirAsia require you to pay the payment channel fees eg:credit card or direct banking.

  • PEN - LGK (AK6246) = RM87.48 
  • LGK - PEN (AK6243) = RM96.94
Flight time
I also found another way to get to LGK which thru the ferry, where is cheaper (of cause) RM60/way but it will take 2hr45min to reach destination. I'd travelled once in the ferry from PEN-LGK and I throw up before we reach the port. Conclusion, avoid the ferry of you cannot follow the flow of the sea current. 

It's a long story behind how I end up going to Langkawi. The fast forward story is my colleague will be staying at there working for five days with accommodation and he will cover all my expenses if I go and meet him there since I have covered his expenses during his three days back-up duty in PEN. In the end, I went to LGK. Another two reasons are: I want to take a look of LGK office and visit my friends who working at LGK airport. 

Reach airport, both of my friends are there, put down my bags in the office and have lunch nearby since both of them on duty. 
Office surround
We rented a car (VIVA) in the airport for two days and fuel it with RM20 worth of petrol to get around. After the flight, we went to check in hotel. Since my accommodation is covered, so I don't really care much of it as long I got a bed to sleep with. My first night sleep in The Villa Hotel and we got upgraded to family room maybe because of me hotel the camera recording the place when checking in. 

Hotel Lobby

Since we nothing to do after the flight, we decided to ride gondola to the peak of LGK and watch sunset. Actually we did't read the board carefully before we bought the tickets. Five years ago when I came, it cost me RM18/person with mykad and I have full access to everywhere on top of the mountain. But today, it cost me RM30/person with mykad to get up there and to get to the skybridge, you need to pay another RM5. The price of RM30 does not include anything....

We did read this until I found this picture
Bloody sucking money machine 
The Gondola

Since we need to waste another RM5 to get to the skybridge, we just stay at the top station and chill until sunset until 7pm. I took a video of 13 minutes for the sunset, but the file is too large to upload.

At the peak
Strait of Melacca
Borrow a toy to play
Sky Bridge
On the top station
The imba Rm30 ticket

We went for dinner after that at Cenang road for western food Red Tomato restaurant. Well you'll be surprise that is pack with customer, mostly foreigner. The restaurant is run by a foreigner and the foods are awesome. Price per saying, you pay what you get. Main will set you back for RM40+ each. We have each main and a wine total cost us about RM160+-. I did't now have any photo of it because the camera ran out of juice. We dine back the next two days and I taken few after that.

On the way walking back to out hotel after dinner, we bought the island hopping tour for tomorrow since we have no duty for a day tomorrow. They do provide pick-up and drop-off your hotel for free.

We check out at our hotel and put all our stuff back into the car, take some breakfast and ready to go.
Note: The whole trip of island hopping only will get your feet wet, if you plan to get into the water, than bring tower and extra clothes. We do bring it along and it's damn heavy + we just want to walk around and relax. Bring water along, you need it since you gonna climb up and down.
Waiting for transport in the hotel lobby after check out
At the harbor waiting our boat to get ready
The petrol use to fuel the motor. The blue colour is added with 2T oil.
We sit on the most front because this boat carry two family with toddler.
A very sunny clear day
As you can see toddler at the back
The first stop
We walk to the side walk because the main platform is stinks. This is a lake surround by mountain, so water is trapped and you can see a layer of oil on the surface because people bath in the water... not salt water.
Area view of the lake. beware of monkeys
Globe view, I wish I have my Note7 to take these photos. My Note3 is not as good
Well tourism is all about money, even going for toilet also will cost you money. If you need a wee, this island provide you toilet, the next island we are going, there is no toilet available...... If you need to wee or shit, you know what to do than. We are given one hour time on each island, once the time almost up, everyone will assemble at the port and waiting the loader to shout your boat number. We are on no.159 if not mistaken.

Other speedboats are faster because all rider are youngster
What a hot day on the 2nd island
We walk to other end of the island to avoid the crowd
I sat on the rock to play with my phone camera
Time up going back hotel. 
We reached back main island around 1.10pm. We were so hungry and we gonna eat Chinese food for lunch. So far I only notice two Chinese restaurant near Cenang beach and mostly they do not serve pork. We ordered quite a lot of dishes because we are so hungry. I did't take any photo of it cause we are busy eating, but I have the resit with me.

This is the resit
Menu as per resit:
1. Salted egg fried squid,
2. Thai style chicken
3. Clamps
4. Mix hard vege
5. White rice
6. Beer

We went to check-in our hotel, put all our stuffs in the hotel than we went off to next destination, seven well waterfall. It's Vinz idea since we are fully sweat and covered with salt water sea breeze. We turn the wrong junction as we busy chi chat the whole way driving. End up wasting 20km of return journey after realized we are heading to Kuah town. The waterfall actually is further down the road after the Cable Car park. We saw the waterfall in the gondola ride.

The waterfall area is free but parking cost you RM2.00.
Parking sign....
Well the waterfall actually is the first turn, if you go straight i donno where you goona end up
There are quite some number of steps to climp and down
The waterfall
Natural walk
Water is very cold
Surrounding is very fresh
Going back down the slope almost 30 degree +
After went back to hotel and bath, there are still plenty of time until sunset. So we headed to Kuah town mall and look for the bag i wanted to buy. Yes, I bought my new Hypergear 20L bag since my 15L bag was borrowed to someone and become his personal belonging haha.

Using google maps to guide us to the town
After that we park our car at the hotel and we walk across the street and sit at the beach and watch sunset. Our hotel is at the main street of Cenang beach. Vinz brought the beers we bought at duty free shop and enjoy at the beach.

First time playing with long shutter 
Right time at the right spot
Another long shutter 30s
Ask vinz to try drawing a hearth end up a peach
Bought a cheap tripod at to play with
We walk around to look for dinner
Yellow house restaurant by the beach, it's quite a crowd and expensive.
Walking around the cenang street still looking for food
Finally we stop at Red Tomato again hahaha
We planned to have Ikan bakar tonight and to prevent hungry at the middle of night, we decided to have a pizza at Red Tomato Restaurant. We waited quite sometime for our pizza, the owner told us that the pizza made for us is burn and have to remake. Vinz get a free beer while waiting. While waiting for the pizza, we continue to talk and playing with the camera. The owner is very friendly, she told us that PSY went to his restaurant yesterday with two body guards.

Get popcorn while waiting. Salted popcorn, taste very nice (FOC)
While waiting for our pizza
Finally our pizza arrived and it's really good.
We still hungry since we waiting for so long for the pizza, we directly head to the ikan bakar restaurant on the same row. We passed by this restaurant for few time for the past days, we saw the cockle is quite huge and have lock it as target.

Tiger prawn, various type of fish
Squid, prawns, crabs
Frying cockles
Tomyum, very nice and fresh seafood, must order RM6/bowl
Cockles, the taste is very good as well without dipping the sauce

Fresh fish is always the best, you can taste the fish and the meat. The sambal is the best of all. Need to order no matter what
The name of the restaurant.
After eating so much, we walk back to our hotel which is the other end of the road. I took some photos along the walk. We were so full, decided not to detour to the beach.

For sale
For Sale
Nice decoration, quite attractive 
Little van 
We ended the day once we reach hotel, both of us knock out of tiredness. Vinz wake up in the morning found that all lights and TV are still on. I was too lazy to wake up and turn it off instead continue sleeping.

We woke up quite early since we sleep around 12am yesterday. We drive around the cenang road and could find any nice restaurant to have breakfast. Eventually we ended up at Red Tomato restaurant for out breakfast.
Well, after 30minutes all the empty places filled up with customers
Raw Sugar
I had an English tea
Vinz have a salmon breakfast
I had a farmer;s breakfast
The breakfast taste really good, that why even the price of the food is quite steep, the restaurant is still pack with customers. As per saying, what you pay for, what you will get. The cheese and food quality are good ones.

After checkout we went back out office and waited for a while since is raining. After two hours the rain stop, we went to the terminal and check in. If you are travelling with AirAsia, my tip is always check in almost 1 hour before the check in time. Most of the time you will get hotseat, because that how AA system work. This will give you priority boarding and luggage space to put on first. Most of the time, the flight is 90%+ full in AA flight.

We meet our friends in the airport and chit chat for a while before boarding.

As you can see, I got the hotseat at the middle section and board the aircraft first. How many people is walking toward the aircraft....

Note: This is a backdated post

Expenses Summary
Flight: RM87.48+RM96.94 = RM184.42 (AirAsia)

Hotel: 3D2N = Free - (The Villa) - (Royal Agate Beach Resort)

Transportation: RM100/2days Perodua VIVA Elite Auto. Petrol RM20. Counter beside main airport entrance. = Free

Cable Car: RM30/person with mykad (buy at counter) #not include skybridge

Island Hopping: RM30/person (Just walk anywhere in cenang will find 1. Some sell for RM35)

Food: RM200+++++

Restaurant: Red Tomato Restaurant, Persona Seafood, Kai Song Seafood