Saturday, 24 October 2009

Cadet Pilot AirAsia

So what a sudden saw my senior who now is last semester training at MAS joining AirAsia Cadet Pilot interview. I guess that pretty much more chances over AirAsia than others. For me, I will get it a try when I come to my final semester which is next year. If done it now, I will give away everything in this 2 years. Become a pilot is also a dream for as it will change my view all the way. I love Ship and Plane, because it is the most less and different things will be learned compared to chemicals, mechanical, electrical. Overall, this two cover all of it.

Flying a plane, become a pilot, fly through the sky, I know is not an easy job. If the interest is there, than you be there. Maybe somehow from start we do now know what we going for, but after my training, it make me realize that there is so much I need to learn from different area.

AirAsia is like an open to the public as who can do it than that's your. A lot of dreams had been com true by AirAsia as you can read their blog from time to time, how is the people travel and work for it. Hmm, MAS blog is for their employees, nothing much to read as much is the activities and thanks giving.

We will fight to get it but not the "cable" thing.

Hope you get it Ben.
AirAsia Blog - my success is yours

As you can see our here which is "Blog become A pilot", I think only AirAsia done this only. It is a great job for someone to tell how much they want to be a pilot than choosing one just for fate to get a job.

P/S: I do not know much going around inside AirAsia because know no one in there and MAS I do not know how to say because is too complex somehow.

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